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Introducing the Ultimate 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud - Marketing

Creators and marketers now have a  reason to be elated as 4OVER4, one of the leading online printing service providers in the US, has launched a platform where these two key roles in marketing can converge to create the 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud.

The 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud will offer an engaging experience where users will be given access to some of the best marketing resources. It will boost their individual in-house business marketing strategies. The platform structure will be regularly updated to ensure that nothing is left out.

This hub is a two-way street and users have the opportunity to contribute their ideas in the form of text, images, and videos. You will be able to easily create beautiful original templates and use existing templates. One-click will be enough to see you bring your ideas to life in the form of print.

Why the 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud

4OVER4 has over the years been receiving numerous requests from users who want to provide various types of content while simultaneously promoting their businesses. This is a platform where creators and marketers, graphic designers, and bloggers can share ideas and conduct business. What’s more? They will be able to get all their print materials quickly facilitated via 4OVER4’s renowned printing service.

It’s About Time, What Took Us So Long?

We’re sorry, procrastination is a pain, but we as 4OVER4 sat down with our think tank and saw how we can do this effectively, efficiently, and expressively. We do not just want user-generated content, we want our users to gain true value. That is why now is the perfect time to launch Content Hub. We have launched the site in Beta version, so if you see a bug, squash it by emailing us.

Bringing In Cohesion In Marketing

Introducing the Ultimate 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud - Marketing

Statistics show that companies spend about 50% of their budget solely on great content creation, (HubSpot, 2017). This is a huge chunk of money especially for startups that have zero angel investors or retail businesses that have really good products but just have no clue how to do proper marketing. The new norm has made things even worse and business owners are not realizing increased revenue generation. So how do we come in? We help them find the right tools to improve their marketing strategy. Marketers will find it easier to get the job done.

What Are The Features of 4OVER4 Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud Content Hub

This is where you find all the necessary content about beautiful print products that communicate. The content is added in 4 formats.

  • Stories 
  • Listicles
  • Images 
  • Videos

In the stories section, marketers get the opportunity to add their articles and talk about their products and services that are relevant to the 4OVER4 community of small business owners. This is the surest way to get a valuable backlink to your site while reaching our audience of over 100,000 small business owners. Our listicles section on the other hand allows you to add articles that are in a list format and guess what?

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